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Budding Discoveries is the title of my first release, a full length novel. The hardcore erotica books are available for purchase on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited. Filled with eleven salacious and sexy stories, it’s sure to arouse your every desire! Read them by yourself, with a lover, or two partners at once.

Three more books are coming in the series. I have so many stories for you! I’ve moved ahead to working on book three and should be ready to release in Summer 2018. I know you’ll enjoy the next one just as much as I love recounting my experiences!


Book 1: Budding Discoveries

Veronica spent her childhood on a small farm in the Midwest. With miles of wide open country, she was free to roam the outdoors. Long, warm summer days were spent hanging out with nearby friends, running through the creek and riding horses. It was a carefree and rather innocent life.

But Veronica changed shortly after her eighteenth birthday, when she discovered her body. She began exploring inner desires while touching herself in new ways. She experimented with Kenny, a longtime childhood friend. Next, Veronica took a trip with several high school girl friends to Thailand, where she learned the soft, feminine touch of another woman. Finally, Veronica learned the joy of sharing herself with more than one partner.

I’m Veronica and this novel is about my first sexual encounters. Book one in a series, “Budding Discoveries” details the significant stories of my early years. Covering through my freshman year of college, the compilation describes in graphic detail my earliest and most memorable experiences. I guarantee, you’ll love reading them!