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I love writing and reading erotica. Here on my Erotica Blog, you’ll find out more about me, Veronica, including my sex, my life, and my loves. Mostly I blog about how and why I write Erotica.


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Erotica Writing Series: Developing Characters

The individuals in a story are more than just important – they’re essential, critical. We want our readers to identify with their situations, we need the observer to connect with their personalities. Truly great novels engross the audience in the character’s plights or pleasures… [more…]


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Erotica Writing Series: Why I Read Erotica

I read lots of erotica. I have since my teenage years. And I love it (obviously)! But, why do I (and millions of others) still read it? I mean, there are LOTS of ways to stimulate yourself these days. So, why read erotica rather than watch porn, chaturbate, or sext? [more…]